Saving Energy at Home

Saving Energy at Home

The program “saved doorstep” enhances the energy upgrade of housing, aiming at considerable energy savings and ensures multiple benefits to a family of thousands of household budget.

The program is of great interest for those who wish to shield energy their homes and upgrade heating and hot water. This program subsidizes interventions for energy renovation of buildings, and by March 2012 amended and in force on favorable terms.

According to the decision of the competent ministries, the program “Saving home” adapted to the needs of the economy and households to increase total resources available in terms of direct payments provide.

In the renewed program have abolished restrictions exist for eligible buildings , changed the income criteria, increased the grant rates , the deposit of 30% to 40%, covered the costs for energy audit, there is provision for consultant fee and the payback period increased the loan.

In detail, the main elements of the program are as follows:

– Selectable residence

Is the set of houses, apartment buildings and individual apartments (without extra condition) that satisfy exclusively the following criteria:

They are located in areas with lower price band than or equal to 2,100 € / sq.m. Classified under the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in the category less than or equal to D. There is no limit to the number of properties per citizen, while the multifamily those of their owners do not wish to join the program can participate with equity. Also included vacant apartments inhabited within the last three years.


Participation in this program are only natural persons:

a. have ownership (full or rain) or the right in an eligible dwelling, which has been acquired up to the effective date of the program.

b. meet the income criteria of the following categories A, B or C.

Beneficiaries Class A : The beneficiaries whose individual declared income does not exceed € 12,000 or if married family declared income does not exceed € 20,000.

Category B beneficiaries : The beneficiaries whose individual declared income is more than € 12,000 and does not exceed 40,000 € or if married family declared income is more than € 20,000 and does not exceed 60,000 €.

Beneficiaries Class C : The beneficiaries whose individual declared income is more than € 40,000 and does not exceed 60,000 € or if married family declared income is more than € 60,000 and does not exceed 80,000 €.

eligible actions

Eligible categories of energy upgrading interventions are:

1. frames Replacement (frames / glass) and fitting shading systems. In view of the above energy requirements intervention relates primarily, but not exclusively, to a thermal break frames with double glazing. Eligible are changing only the pane if the total rate of heat transfer aperture (shutter – box and glass) meets the above minimum standards of KENAK. Eligible, too, is the replacement front door to house and staircase and skylight frames in a block. But does not include “openings” to interiors of the building, heated or not (eg compartment door).

This category includes the installation of external blinds fixed and mobile protective covers the openings (shutters, blinds).

2. Installing insulation in the building envelope including the roof / roof and the pilots. This category is eligible and positioning internal insulation when mounting external insulation is technically impossible or not permitted by law (eg listed buildings, traditional villages). In the case of interventions in housing, are eligible only the costs relating to thermal insulation and waterproofing it.

3. heating system upgrade and hot water supply system .

In this category are eligible:

– The installation of new or replacement burner / boiler system with new oil or gas system (central or individual) or system that works mainly with the use of renewable energy – renewables (eg biomass boiler, heat pumps, solar thermal systems Mr. etc.) or cogeneration system and high-efficiency heat (CHP). The installation / replacement concerns the electromechanical equipment of the boiler as a whole (automation, pumps, chimney, replacement or insulation pipes, etc.) except the oil tank and the distribution network. Excluding heat output terminal units (radiators, underfloor heating system, etc.).

– The fitting of devices for automatically controlling the operation of the heating system , such as timers, compensation and / or hydraulic balance automation for adjusting the partial load (three-way or four-way solenoid valve, circulators drives, etc.), space thermostats, thermostatic radiator head Others, including calorimetry systems for the distribution of heating costs.

– The installation of solar systems for hot water (collector, water storage tank, stand, tubing, etc.).

Proposals submitted to the exhaustion of resources by region.

Up to 15,000 euros the eligible budget.

The eligible budget per who receives a request may not exceed EUR 15,000 including VAT (selectable operations budget).

The beneficiaries of the three categories A, B and C fall in line on these incentive categories:

– Incentives Category A: The final eligible budget, interest-free loan of 30% interest rate subsidy 100% up to 31.12.2015 and a grant of 70%.

– Incentives Category B: The final eligible budget, interest-free loan of 65% interest rate subsidy 100% up to 31.12.2015 and a grant of 35%.

– Incentives Category C: The final eligible budget, interest-free loan of 85% interest rate subsidy 100% up to 31.12.2015 and a grant of 15%.

Provided downloadable 4/5/6-year loan , with or without a guarantor, without underwriting property direct loan repayment without charges, and payment of suppliers / contractors through the bank without the involvement of citizens. With the inclusion in the program, provided an advance 40% of the budget request.

For admission to the program, the required energy audits (before and after the intervention), the cost of which is covered 100% by the program after the successful implementation of the project.

Moreover, covered expenses for project consultant fee , 250 euro without VAT.

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