Fixed Pergola


Aluminum pergola - an oasis of comfort and relaxation waiting to transform any outdoor space.

Introducing Exalco's revolutionary aluminum pergola - an innovative shading solution made entirely from high quality aluminium. Designed with fixed blinds for optimal airflow, this aluminum pergola redefines comfort and style in outdoor spaces, while providing many benefits

Not only does it offer unparalleled shading capabilities, but its innovative design constantly renews the air, creating a refreshing outdoor environment. Its sleek, minimalist aesthetic eliminates visible connection points, exuding contemporary elegance and adding value to any property.

Use as a separator

Ideal for shading gardens, terraces and balconies of residential areas, the aluminum pergola integrates seamlessly into a variety of environments, providing privacy, defining spaces and adding architectural interest.

Precision engineered, the basic profile of the divider blends effortlessly with many profiles and materials, ensuring flexibility in design and application. In addition, the pergola's durable construction and choice of finishes, including anodizing, electrostatic painting or wood imitation, offer not only aesthetic appeal but also excellent corrosion resistance and construction longevity.

Upgrade your outdoor space with Exalco's aluminum pergola - where innovation meets design.

At Union Profile we have a wide range of PVC window colours. With a huge colour palette, you're sure to find one that suits your personal style and the style of your space. Thanks to new painting technologies, the aesthetic result is guaranteed. Refined finish that offers real value to your windows and makes your home unique! Anti-corrosion protection ensures that the colour will remain unchanged for many years, even in areas with extreme conditions.


exalco pergola

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