FORMA 60 width up to 500 cm projection up to 350 cm
width up to 500 cm projection up to 350 cm
FORMA DROP 4 posts width up to 500 cm projection up to 350 cm
FORMA WIRE 4 posts width up to 500 cm projection up to 350 cm



Zip System Forma 60


The Zip System Forma 60 sieve is another innovation from the EXALCO as it represents the absolute coexistence of classic design with modern aesthetics in a screen, offering a complete solution for every space. The refined curvature that follows the lines of modern architecture highlights a product that offers not only aesthetic satisfaction but also significant benefits for you. Designed with detail to provide a sense of coziness and protect your private moments, Zipsystem® raises the bar for your outdoor experience.

Discover the world of ultimate comfort and peace of mind with the Zip system® Forma 60

The Zip System Forma 60 screen is the result of a design based on two main factors: energy-saving efficiency and modern design. By combining these two important factors, we offer a range of products that not only meet your needs, but create experiences.

The Zip System Forma 60® screen is designed with an emphasis on high energy efficiency. Advanced materials and technology ensure effective insulation, reducing energy losses and saving energy.

Modern Design: the modern design of the Zip system® 60 series reflects the latest trends in design. Clean lines, innovative details and sophisticated colours create a product that offers not only functionality but also aesthetic pleasure.

Combination of Functionality and Aesthetics: The Forma Zip system® range combines energy-saving efficiency with modern design, offering a balance between functionality and aesthetics. This coexistence creates an atmosphere of carefree and relaxation in your space.


  • Effective Protection from Pesky Insects: the Zip System Forma 60 screen provides reliable protection from mosquitoes, flies and other pesky insects, keeping the interior clean and comfortable.
  • Ease of use: The Zipsystem® mechanism ensures smooth movement and easy opening/closing of the screen, providing comfort and ease of use.
  • High Durability: Made from high quality materials, the screen provides long-lasting durability in use and withstands weather conditions.
  • Style and Adaptability: The curved design of the Zip System Forma 60 screen offers a sophisticated aesthetic that suits any type of space. Available in a variety of colors and finishes for personalized style.

The Zip System Forma 60 screen is the ultimate choice for those looking for style, functionality and durability in a screen that enhances their space.

With the Zipsystem® range, we don't just meet basic needs, we create a product that reflects our philosophy of advanced design that serves the needs and aesthetic orientations of the modern homeowner.

Live with Comfort, Live with Style. Choose a Zip System Forma 60 screen with curvature that harmonizes with contemporary architecture or the Zip System Forma 60 screen Zip System Quattro for minimal aesthetics that suits every space.


When you live in a detached house, the kitchen is the room you come and go from most often. But even in an apartment, the kitchen or living room door is the one that is opened more often than the others.
Therefore, an aluminum insect screen with great durability and a guarantee of good and long-lasting use is essential.

The frequency with which we go out to the balcony from the the living room is also very high.
So the need for an insect screen system with great strength and durability over time remains.
Ideal French door insect screen for the living room is the pleated with a visible lower wire rope which offers unlimited durability in time and the double-sided insect screen. 
More specifically, a pleated insect screen with a crawler driver above and below is considered the best choice for large openings. It can be manufactured in a double-panel and a triple-panel version, for openings up to 12 metres.
The installation of a crawler driver above and below offers easy and unobstructed passage as the lower driver is eliminated. The profiles close with a magnet offering 100% anti-collision protection. Cord movement on specially designed rollers and horizontal insect screen cords offer unlimited wind resistance and everyday use.

Apart from their daily short ventilation, bedrooms are considered the rooms where we open windows and balcony doors the least.
Since durability is not the number one criterion, a more economical insect screen is recommended for bedrooms.

A fixed screen is recommended in the bathroom, ensuring protection and allowing continuous ventilation.
In addition, a vertical motion insect Screen with a stoper, a reset brake is recommended on the remaining windows of the house.

How to choose the right insect screen for each opening

The functionality of a home is extremely important in shaping our quality of life. Every home has its own particularities and its own construction challenges.
One of these challenges is choosing the right insect screen system for each space.

With more than thirty years of expertise and experience, the SITAUP team is here to guide you in choosing the right insect screen for every opening of your house.

The way to choose the right insect screen system is based on the daily use of each window/French door frame.
But there are other factors that influence our choice, such as sunshine, wind and the humidity of the area where you live in.

So, if your house is located in a coastal area where humidity gradually but inevitably erodes the construction materials, then a high strength insect screen to ensure long-term durability is the optimal choice.
In addition, in a house that receives a lot of sunlight you'd need insect screens whose cloth has a high UV index. In this case, the pleated cloth in the shade of black instead of grey should be preferable.


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