Gealan S 8000 IQ (74mm)


The GEALAN S 8000 IQ window system is a premium product designed to provide outstanding energy efficiency, durability and aesthetics. When designing GEALAN S 8000 IQ, special attention was paid to the stability of the profile. The development objective of this gasketed system with an installation depth of 74 mm is to create a cost-effective profile with high flexural strength. This is achieved thanks to the reinforcing steel sheet, which at the same time offers a higher level of corrosion protection. GECCO for controlled exchange between indoor and outdoor air provides an improved indoor climate and greater living comfort (optional on GEALAN S 8000 IQ). The S8000 IQ window system is equipped with a six-chamber system that provides excellent thermal insulation, helping to reduce energy consumption and costs. The window features a special insulating foam that further enhances the energy-saving properties.

The GEALAN S 8000 IQ window system provides excellent sound insulation and ventilation performance. The multi-chamber system, combined with high quality sealants and PVC, helps to minimise external noise and air leakage, providing a more comfortable and quieter indoor environment. Special window ventilation options, such as tilt and turn, provide excellent air circulation and control, ensuring optimum indoor quality and comfort.

The GEALAN S8000 IQ window system is available in a range of styles and finishes, allowing customers to choose a design that complements the aesthetics of their home or building. The system can be customised with a range of glazing options, panel designs and colours, making it easy to create a unique and personalised look. The slim profile and clean lines of the window provide a modern and sleek look, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the building.

Also, thanks to the new coverage technology, virtually any color combination can be achieved to match your space and style. Available in a wide variety of acrylcolor shades and decorative wood patterns. Additionally, PVC windows with wooden decoration provide a natural feel for those who appreciate the sense of wood without wanting to sacrifice the insulation benefits of PVC frames because of its price and its characteristics. It is recommended for renovation of old buildings as well as for design that harmonizes with the natural landscape. Gealan S 8000 IQ is a PVC system ideal for opening doors such as balcony doors, main entrance doors, kitchen doors as well as auxiliary doors.


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