Exalco 225 Slim


The new sliding - lifting thermal insulation system Albio 225 Slim by Exalco Exalco offers not only upgraded functionality, but also a modern and impressive design. It is the ideal choice for those seeking not only practicality, but also aesthetics compatible with the latest architectural trends.

With a minimum thickness of just 28 mm, the Albio 225 Slim offers sleek and straight lines, while the minimal apparent use of aluminium gives the space a contemporary feel. In addition, its ability to be used for both sliding and lifting provides excellent sealing, and the sheet can support up to 250 kg, ensuring safety and durability.

In addition, polyamide rods help to reduce heat losses, providing high thermal insulation and contributing to energy savings.

Discover the Albio 225 Slim, Exalco's innovative sliding - lifting thermal insulation system that stands out for its modern design and outstanding functionality.With an impressive thickness of only 28 mm, the Albio 225 Slim combines functionality and aesthetics. Its sleek lines, barely visible aluminium and lift-up operation make the system ideal for any modern space.

Benefit from the excellent sealing and the possibility of use in various constructions and typologies. With Albio 225 Slim, you enjoy high safety, durability and aesthetics adapted to modern needs.

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At Union Profile we have a wide range of PVC window colours. With a huge colour palette, you're sure to find one that suits your personal style and the style of your space. Thanks to new painting technologies, the aesthetic result is guaranteed. Refined finish that offers real value to your windows and makes your home unique! Anti-corrosion protection ensures that the colour will remain unchanged for many years, even in areas with extreme conditions.



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Types of glazing that Exalco 225 Slim can be combined with

Types of glazing that Exalco 225 Slim can be combined with

The thickness of the glazing should not be less than 4 mm because in these cases it is vulnerable to bending. The longer the distance between the double glazing, the softer the connection between the two panes of glass through the air between them becomes, thus optimising the sound insulation. Asymmetrical glass thicknesses are better than symmetrical ones (e.g. 8-12-4 instead of 6-12-6) because this avoids simultaneous resonance of the glass.

Handles combined with Exalco 225 Slim

Handles combined with Exalco 225 Slim

Union Profile offers a wide range of handles for balcony doors and windows.

Use the frame thermal transmittance calculator to extract the Uw from the respective company's systems.


Calculation of thermal transmittance of EXALCO frames


Calculation of thermal transmittance of ALUMIL frames

Calculation of thermal transmittance of EUROPA frames

The frames we manufacture can be used in any climatic zone of Greece, as they cover the thermal insulation limits set by the K.EN.A.K.


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