Europa EOS 60 Hybrid


The Europa EOS 60 Hybrid integrated window and door system is a highly advanced product designed to meet both current and future architectural trends. It significantly reduces the energy requirements of the building while allowing greater access to natural light, ensuring excellent performance in adverse weather conditions and top security features.

This system offers a wide range of construction options, making it an ideal choice for various construction projects. Integrates seamlessly with the hybrid sliding system ESS 34 in complex constructions, providing a complete solution that meets all the necessary specifications.

The Europa EOS 60 Hybrid system features a sleek and minimalist design that blends seamlessly with any architectural style. The choice of concealed glass panel further reduces the visible surface of the frame, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing effect.

The Europa EOS 60 Hybrid is an innovative and versatile aluminum window systems that ensures excellent performance, energy efficiency and safety. Its seamless integration with the ESS 34 Hybrid sliding system provides a complete solution, making it an ideal choice for replacements and new construction.


  • Entrance doors
  • Opening (with or without reclining)
  • Opening windows with hidden sash
  • Stable Pillars
  • Composite structures

At Union Profile we have a wide range of PVC window colours. With a huge colour palette, you're sure to find one that suits your personal style and the style of your space. Thanks to new painting technologies, the aesthetic result is guaranteed. Refined finish that offers real value to your windows and makes your home unique! Anti-corrosion protection ensures that the colour will remain unchanged for many years, even in areas with extreme conditions.



Electric motors Europa EOS 60 Hybrid




Types of glazing combined with Europa EOS 60 Hybrid

Types of glazing combined with Europa EOS 60 Hybrid

The thickness of the glazing should not be less than 4 mm because in these cases it is vulnerable to bending. The longer the distance between the double glazing, the softer the connection between the two panes of glass through the air between them becomes, thus optimising the sound insulation. Asymmetrical glass thicknesses are better than symmetrical ones (e.g. 8-12-4 instead of 6-12-6) because this avoids simultaneous resonance of the glass.

Handles combined with the Europa EOS 60 Hybrid

Handles combined with the Europa EOS 60 Hybrid

Union Profile offers a wide range of handles for balcony doors and windows.

Use the frame thermal transmittance calculator to extract the Uw from the respective company's systems.


Calculation of thermal transmittance of EXALCO frames


Calculation of thermal transmittance of ALUMIL frames

Calculation of thermal transmittance of EUROPA frames

The frames we manufacture can be used in any climatic zone of Greece, as they cover the thermal insulation limits set by the K.EN.A.K.


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