Our goal is to contribute to society.

Corporate Social Responsibility

UNION PROFILE acknowledges its responsibility towards society and the environment. The human factor is the driving force and the vision for the future of the company and society as a whole. For this reason, we place great emphasis on the principles and values that characterise our culture: respect for people, human dignity and equal opportunities, respect for the environment we have inherited and the improvement of living standards and quality of life.
The frame manufacturing plant operates with absolute respect and environmentally friendly standards while constantly reducing its impact on the environment. In this effort, we do not compromise with what we have achieved and we never stop looking for new ways to avoid initially harming the environment. We are constantly looking for alternative ways to protect it, to ensure a better quality of life for all of us. Recognizing climate change as a major environmental problem, we promote the replacement of traditional methods for electrification and building, with the introduction of new innovative technologies in every home. Our goal is to reduce the energy footprint and save energy by meeting energy needs with renewable energy sources without consuming natural resources.

We are constantly committed to contributing to economic growth while improving the quality of life of workers and their families, as well as communities.


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