Επιλογή Κουφωμάτων Νέες Τεχνολογίες Ενεργειακό Σπίτι Save Energy Program 2020-21 Αρχιτεκτονικό Design
Επιλογή Κουφωμάτων Νέες Τεχνολογίες Ενεργειακό Σπίτι Save Energy Program 2020-21 Αρχιτεκτονικό Design

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We answer the most common questions about frames

The prices of aluminium frames are a decisive factor in choosing frames. However, even if we buy high quality energy frames at a low price, they may prove to be inadequate if the construction and installation are not done properly.

Για τον λόγο αυτό είναι πολύ σημαντική η επιλογή του κατασκευαστή (που θα κάνει και την τοποθέτηση) και όχι μόνο η καλή ποιότητα του προφίλ αλουμινίου (και γενικότερα των υλικών). Η Union Profile, ως πιστοποιημένος κατασκευαστής σε κουφώματα αλουμινίου EXALCO, έχοντας πιστοποιήσεις και άλλων μεγάλων προμηθευτών, σας δίνει ορισμένες κατευθύνσεις για το πραγματικό κόστος.

Οι περισσότεροι αγοραστές θεωρούν ότι η κοστολόγηση των κουφωμάτων γίνεται ανάλογα με το εμβαδόν τους. Δηλαδή ότι στα κουφώματα υπολογίζεται η τιμή ανα τετραγωνικό για να βγει το τελικό κόστος. Δηλαδή, αν 1 m2 στοιχίζει 100€, τότε τα 2 m2 θα στοιχίζουν 200€. Αυτό ωστόσο είναι κάτι που δεν ισχύει και θα αναλύσουμε παρακάτω τους λόγους.

The cost of aluminium frames varies in each case. Depending on the type (simple, thermally broken), the project (location), the difficulty of installation (new frames, dismantling of old ones), the type of frame (opening, sliding), the material of construction (aluminium frames, PVC frames), the number of frames.A number of other factors are taken into account: the mechanisms, the colour, the type of coverings (shutters, blinds), the retiles used. All these factors are taken into account in order to calculate the final price for the installation of the frames.

The position of the frame is the key parameter that significantly influences your choice. Exposure to the sun and weather conditions, wind pressure and the orientation of the frame are factors to be taken into account (e.g. a north-facing window is not suitable for an aluminium frame without thermal insulation, as there will be high energy losses).

- Maximum thermal insulation cannot be achieved without the use of at least double glazing. The gap between them and the "filling" between them, their thickness and type (e.g. energy glazing) are factors that should not be ignored. Double glazed energy windows have the ability to reflect heat wherever it comes from in winter and summer. Only 74% of the sun's energy passes through your glazing. Argon offers better insulating performance on the glass. The most common choice is triple energy glazing which exhibits almost the same properties as double glazing in a more advanced version. They themselves have 2 empty air chambers that offer greater sound insulation but also 40% permeability of the sun's energy. 

Soundproofing: Sound insulation plays a very important role in the choice of the windows and doors of your home. In particular, if you live in a large urban environment the noise pollution you receive is quite high. There are many ailments associated with extensive noise pollution and that is why nowadays, the installation of windows is not only about comfort but also about people's well-being.

- The final choice will help you to prioritise your needs: thermal insulation, safety, space saving and soundproofing. Energy efficient aluminium frames, also known as thermally insulated frames, help both to save money and to reduce environmental pollution. The new lifestyle and high heating and cooling costs require frames with expertise and high aesthetics.

- The role of the manufacturer and the technician who will apply the framing is very important. Make sure that they have solutions that are appropriate for your space, that they have certificates for the frames (look for the CE mark) and that they give a written guarantee for their durability.

Change your old frames and save energy and money. Create energy efficient spaces!
Can't decide which one best suits your needs? Contact us and our experienced team will help you choose the one that suits you!

Opening width

Τα διαθέσιμα ανοίγματα που θέλεις να καλύψεις μπορούν να περιορίσουν αρκετά την αναζήτησή σου. Οι δύο κύριες τυπολογίες για οικιακά κουφώματα καθορίζονται άμεσα από αυτό το κριτήριο. Τα ανοιγόμενα κουφώματα μπορούν να χρησιμοποιηθούν για ανοίγματα μέχρι και 2m, ακόμη και με τη χρήση διπλής μπαλκονόπορτας. Από την άλλη, τα συρόμενα ενδείκνυνται για την κάλυψη μεγάλων ανοιγμάτων, καθώς μπορούν να εφαρμοσθούν σε ανοίγματα άνω των 2m.

Available indoor space

Another decisive factor for your choice is the available space inside your home. In the case of small apartments, such as studios or studios, openable systems may be obstructed by the interior design when they are opened. Such a situation can be easily resolved with sliding ones, as they do not tie up space on the inside of the house to open.

Thermal insulation

The energy efficiency of windows and doors is a feature that should concern you from the very first moment. The right system will help you save energy when heating and cooling the room, while benefiting the environment and your wallet. Invest in a thermally broken aluminium system, that is, a frame that has thermal insulation. Finally, because of the materials used to seal the systems when closing them, openable systems tend to have better energy efficiencies than sliding ones.


Window frames are still the vulnerable point of your home for any would-be burglar. Clearly, aluminium systems are superior to other materials because of their robustness and mechanical strength. However, even within the category of aluminium systems, there are several differences in the levels of security offered.  It is advisable to make sure that you choose frames that carry an RC2 attempted burglary resistance certification.


Choosing the right glass in the frame is something that is often overlooked, but the glazing that the system will carry plays a crucial role. After all, it also takes up most of the surface area of the frame. Choosing double, triple or dual energy glazing will increase the insulating properties of the frame, while choosing Laminated crystals, which do not shatter in case of impact, will protect you from accidents and break-ins!

Environmental space

In other words, the location of your home. The outdoor environment may require systems with specific specifications. For example, in the case of apartments within busy urban centres, choosing systems with good sound insulation will keep the noise out. On the other hand, coastal buildings, due to the corrosive environmental conditions, require durable systems such as anodized aluminum windows. Discuss this criterion before purchasing, so that you can place all the specifics of your area and better identify your needs.


The need for frames with impeccable functionality and durability does not diminish the value of the need for stylish frames that highlight the interiors and exteriors.

Advantages of Aluminium

  • Τα κουφώματα αλουμινίου είναι πολύ ανθεκτικά & ασφαλή, ενώ το υλικό κατασκευής τους είναι ανακυκλώσιμο.
  •  Long lifetime (useful life 40 years), while requiring little - almost negligible - maintenance.
  • They offer a beautiful aesthetic result. They are not affected by solar radiation or climatic changes.
  • They are particularly preferred for large openings, due to their durable construction.
  • Security. Aluminium is a solid material and has the characteristic that it does not burn.
  • Design flexibility. They can be created in various designs and can be surface treated for special decorative requirements.

Disadvantages of aluminium

  • Thermal insulation capacity. Aluminium is a good conductor of heat and transfers heat from outside the house to inside and vice versa. In short, cold in winter and hot in summer. This is true for cold frames without a thermal break. In aluminium frames with a thermal break, an insulating material (polyamide) is placed between the inner and outer surface of the aluminium for better and more effective insulation.
  • Cost. They are more expensive than synthetic frames and for aluminium frames with thermal break the cost increases even more.

Advantages of PVC

• Cost. They are an economical solution that does not lack quality.
• Thermal insulation capacity. Because plastic is a poor conductor of heat.
• Soundproofing. The plastic does not allow the transmission of sound.
• Watertightness. Resistance to rain and strong winds.
• Long life with minimal maintenance costs.

Disadvantages of PVC

• Vulnerable to the sun and temperature fluctuations. Yellowing was more common in previous decades and is still observed in lower quality plastic frames imported from third countries.
• In the past there was a safety issue because the frames were made exclusively of PVC but modern synthetic frames have an internal aluminium profile that gives robustness to the material. In addition, a perimeter locking mechanism is usually fitted. In some more modern ranges such as the VEKA Softline 82  there is internal reinforcement of steel sheet.

Undoubtedly, frames shape the interior and exterior of your home and it is certainly important that they are beautiful and match the aesthetics of your home, both in design and colour. Aluminium frames offer countless possibilities for colouring and surface treatment. In fact, no other material can offer the palette of colors and textures that aluminum can provide. Check out the different paint options available for your home's aluminum windows and doors below.

Electrostatic painting
Electrostatic painting protects aluminium from environmental conditions that can threaten its integrity. In order to protect your frames from paint peeling, it is important to choose the appropriate paint category between super-strength and regular paints, depending on the location of your home and the use of the system.

A well-known colouring technique is anodising. This is an electrochemical process in which the outer surface of aluminium acquires a durable crystalline structure and is then coloured.

Unlike electrostatic painting, the outer layer that is painted is part of the metal and there is no question of any paint adhering to the surface of the aluminium.

By choosing one of the various available shades, the frame gets a stylish metallic colour and a much higher hardness and anti-grained surface.
It also offers maximum protection against corrosion.
With the anodizing method you can choose from a wide range of metallic shades combined with texture type, ensuring lifetime preservation of the original colour, without the risk of colour fading.

The pre-anodising process is a combination of the above two painting methods, in which the aluminium is first subjected to a special anodising treatment and then powder coated.

It is one of the most effective surface treatment processes, which literally "seals" the surface of your windows, giving them very high anti-corrosion properties and maximum protection against thread corrosion. It is recommended for areas with harmful environmental conditions, such as coastal areas.

Unlike the relatively limited colours of anodising, through pre-anodising you can choose from the many different colours of electrostatic painting.

Yes they can. Aluminium has one of the highest recycling rates among metals and is an environmentally sustainable material. Recycling aluminum requires only five percent of the original energy used to create it! This inherent property of aluminium differentiates it from other materials thus enhancing its credentials.


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