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Experience seamless renovation with the best. Let us turn your dream home into a reality. Whether you want to update your kitchen, modernize your bathroom or completely renovate your space, you've come to the right place. Our mission is to give homeowners like you the knowledge, inspiration and resources they need to turn their vision into reality.

Renovation services


Renew your home with our professional window renovation service. Upgrade to energy efficient windows that enhance insulation, reduce noise and enhance the aesthetics of your property. Whether you're looking for classic designs or modern styles, our expert team ensures accurate installation and impeccable workmanship.

Kitchen cabinets

Transform your kitchen into a functional and stylish space with our kitchen renovation service. From sleek countertops and spacious cabinets to state-of-the-art appliances, we tailor each project to your unique tastes and lifestyle. Experience the joy of cooking in a beautifully redesigned kitchen that reflects your taste and increases the value of your home.


Indulge in luxury and relaxation with the bathroom renovation service. From elegant fixtures and spa-inspired showers to customized storage solutions, we specialize in creating bathrooms that rejuvenate body and spirit. Let us enhance your everyday life with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, making your ideal bathroom a reality.


Complete wardrobe renovation service. We specialise in bespoke wardrobe systems that perfectly complement your lifestyle and space. From initial consultation to final installation, our skilled craftsmen work closely with you to realize your vision. Using high quality materials and cutting-edge techniques, we build wardrobes tailored to your specifications.

At Union Profile, we are dedicated to transforming your home into a fully functional and beautiful space. Our team of experts specialise in renovation projects, ensuring top quality and unrivalled craftsmanship. Trust Union Profile and watch your home transform with precision and perfection.

 Be inspired by real-life success stories and testimonials from homeowners who have completed their own renovations. From simple renovations to spectacular ones, these stories highlight the transformative power of home renovation. Be inspired by clever design solutions and the incredible impact renovation can have on both homes and lives.

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Are you ready to start your renovation journey? Discover everything you need to make your dream home a reality. Whether you're planning a small-scale renovation or a full-scale renovation, we're here to support you every step of the way. Let us turn your vision into reality and create a home that truly reflects your unique style, personality and lifestyle. Together, we'll make your renovation dreams a reality.



We answer the most common questions about home renovation

Why renovate?

  • Your space becomes more functional
  • Your property value increases significally in case of sale or rent.
  • You save energy and bills by installing thermal insulation and new windows.
  • Your home is equal to a new construction, since all materials are brand new.

What types of renovations can increase the value of my home?

Upgrading your home can increase its value: Renovations that typically yield high returns on investment include renovating the kitchen and bathroom, adding an extra bedroom or bathroom, updating flooring, enhancing the appeal of the margin with exterior renovations such as siding or roofing, and improving energy efficiency with new windows or insulation.


How can I stay within my renovation budget?

To stay within budget, it is important to set a realistic budget from the start and prioritise your renovation needs against your wishes. Get multiple bids from contractors, carefully review contracts to understand all the associated costs, and consider budget-friendly alternatives for materials and finishes. In addition, contingency funds should be set aside for unexpected expenses.

How long does a typical renovation project take?

The duration of a renovation project varies depending on its scale and complexity. Small projects, such as updating a bathroom or installing new flooring, can take a few weeks, while larger projects, such as kitchen renovations or home additions, can take several months. Factors such as permit approvals, material availability and unforeseen complications can also affect the timeline.

How can I choose the right contractor for my renovation?

When choosing a contractor, it is vital to research their credentials, experience and reputation. Ask for references and look at previous projects to assess the quality of their work. Make sure the contractor has the proper licensing, warranty and insurance. Communication and trust are also key factors - choose a contractor who listens to your needs, provides transparent prices and communicates effectively throughout the project.

What should I expect during the renovation process?

The renovation process usually starts with an initial consultation and planning phase, followed by obtaining the necessary permits and approvals. Once construction begins, expect a period of noise, dust and disruption to your daily routine. Your contractor should provide you with a schedule and keep you informed of progress. Regular inspections may be conducted to ensure that work meets building codes and standards. Finally, upon completion, a final inspection is conducted to address any remaining issues before the project is closed.


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