Career Opportunities

A big part of our group’s growth is based on its’ people, who are parts of its backbone. We believe in creating chances, developing talents and evolving people.
We are looking for people with desire for work and pioneer ideas. Our basic principle, is to secure an environment where our personell can progress.

Our people – with hard work- take responsibilities, develop initiatives and make decisions in order to discover their abilities in a daily basis.

Currently Union Profile looks for representatives all around Greece. Send your CVs to

Εκπληκτική προσφορά!!!

Μελαμινική Κουζίνα
Τιμή: 1400,00€ + εφαρμογή + Φ.Π.Α.
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Πόρτα Αλουμινίου με Πρεσσαριστό Πάνελ
Τιμή: 480,00€ + εφαρμογή + Φ.Π.Α.
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