Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a concept introduced in recent decades in the business world. It identifies the actions and initiatives that promote environmental protection, respect for human rights and the positive impact of the company in society. Undoubtedly, companies are part of society and in this light it is incumbent on each company to take actions aimed at the harmonious coexistence with society and the environment.

Union Profile recognizes that the human factor is the driving force and vision for the future of the company therefore places great emphasis on continuous development and training of manpower to be able to face the challenges presented in a constantly changing business environment.

Our main principle is respect for the environment which takes place during the production process of our products. All materials used are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, making sure you kept while all international standards in manufacturing our products.

Recognizing climate change as a major environmental problem in promoting the replacement of traditional methods to power with the introduction of new technology photovoltaic modules in each house. Electricity production from which electrified houses are extremely polluting and burden our environment. Instead, the installation of photovoltaic systems in homes is a solution environmentally friendly because it produces no emissions and meet its energy needs with renewable energy without consuming natural resources.

Union Profile does not compromise with all we have achieved,but we never stop to look for new ways not to harm the environment in the first place and then to search for alternative ways of protecting the environment in order to exclude a better quality of life for everyone.

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